Chyann's Pet Care

Where Monument pets come for the rock star treatment!

Pets love us! So will you

Local: Tri-Lakes, Monument, Palmer Lake, Gleneagle
Location:   79 4th St (Corner of Washington St/4th St)
                Monument, Colorado 80132
                (719) 488-9474
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We cater to four-legged friends like no one else. They're part of your family, so when you trust their grooming to us, we treat them like our family. Whether it's a high level styling or just a nail trim, no detail is overlooked. Teeth, nail grinding, and specialty baths are just some of the extras we offer. Our home base allows us to offer greater values than PetSmart or other shops with out any sacrifice of quality. Your pets grooming is our focus.

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle with 30 years of experience.

We're crazy about all breeds: big ones, small ones, cats, and even ones that bite. When you come to pick up or drop off your pet, you'll see us in our element, no back rooms, no animals left out of site. Your pet is never left to sit for long hours in a crate. Our goal is to finish within a 2 to 3 hour time period (giant breeds and long scissor clips may be held longer for breaks in between processes).

Give us a challenge!

We specialize in Scissor finishes to the 10's, undercoat removal done with deep cleaning, conditioning and force air. Furminating coat removal upon request. Downright ornery pets are welcome. We have a great track record for establishing trust through a gentle handling technique. Bad matting? Case of mange? Bring it on. Maybe your pet has been banned at other groomers. Not here. When we're finished, they'll be as happy as you are.

We want to see you

Don't wait another minute. Call for an appointment to get your pet cleaned, shaved, or trimmed. We're conveniently located and look forward to seeing you soon!  Call now: (719) 488-9474, or click the Appointments Page to request your appointment on-line.

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